Light Duty
​We Offer A Wide Variety Of Services For Your Light/Medium Duty Vehicles

    *ALL of your basic, routine maintenance needs:
             -  Oil and oil filter change
         - Fuel filter
         - Fluid level services (Transmission, Coolant, Differential, Brake Fluid,                     
           Windshield Washer Fluid)


     *Tire rotation

     *Diagnostic work (We have the most up to date and advanced
       diagnostic equipment to date)

     *Certified A/C diagnostic and repair

     *All of your basic mechanical repair needs:
         - Tune up (Spark Plugs, Coil Packs, Spark Plug Wires, Distributor Cap, etc.)
         - Alternator (Testing, Removal and Replacement)
         - Starter (Testing, Removal and Replacement)
         - Battery (Testing, Removal and Replacement)
         - Electrical needs such as lights, switches, electric motors (Door Lock
           Actuators, Window Motors, Power Mirror Motors, Wiper Motor, etc.) 
         - Bearings, U Joints, CV Joints, Hanger Bearings, Seals, etc.
         -All belts and hoses

      *Advanced mechanical repair needs:
         - Internal Engine Work
         - Advanced Engine Modifications
         - Engine Swaps
         - Performance Parts Insgtallation, etc.

      *Welding repair

      *Custom work welcome. From installing running boards, tool boxes, hitches, 
         lift kits, campers, brush guards and winches.  As well as other electrical 
         components such as lights, back up cameras, stereo systems and MORE!

No job too big or small....we offer much, much more!